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Build a Smarter Business with Cloud

Companies willing to create a competitive edge by enabling collaboration, scale, and flexibility must modernize IT systems and move to the Cloud. The future of business is smart, powered by cloud solutions designed for big data, ready for artificial intelligence, and secure to the core. Cloud is not an option anymore; it’s an imperative for success.

Achieve high availability and a seamless experience by managing modern applications and infrastructure

Innovate faster and increase business agility by rapidly introducing new ideas and solutions to the market

Stay secure and compliant with a strong Cloud security roadmap 

Gain higher ROI by paying only for what you actually use 

What We Offer

Cloud Consulting Services

Get an integrated view of your IT assets and business processes that may be affected by cloud implementation. Design a sound strategy and implementation roadmap and identify tools & technology to power Web, Social Media, and Mobile applications for your modern business requirements.

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Cloud Migration Services

Build the optimum migration strategy for your company, and then move existing enterprise applications to the cloud smoothly and seamlessly with minimum risk. Minimize the time and cost of migration with a well-structured approach – and migrate to cloud with confidence.

Cloud Architecture Services

Identify gaps between your current traditional legacy architecture and next-generation cloud architecture. Build architecture models and infrastructure solutions to safely deploy, run and manage applications in the cloud. Secure infrastructure design and network design for deployment.

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Cloud Application Development Services

Build a wide variety of robust, secure, and scalable applications with a range of open source software on a Cloud Platform. Forego the woes of maintaining application architectures and focus on developing the right business solution.

Cloud Performance Management

In-depth analysis into the health and performance of your cloud computing resources. Our services provide complete application lifecycle management, where we manage and monitor the application/ system, the cloud, the OS, and the end-user experience.

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24x7 Support

Get Cloud transition, ongoing and critical, or tailored cloud support needed to build, deploy, and scale your mission-critical application on Cloud platforms. Ensure regular monitoring, maintenance, and management of all applications and infrastructure after a successful cloud migration.

Extensive Experience

We have enabled many large to midsized organizations to deploy the cloud environment faster, and gain benefits of greater control, performance and scalability.


Maximum ROI

Our experienced expert system administrators, architects, and engineers enable you to achieve rapid roll out, faster time-to-value, and lower TCO for your business-critical applications.

Transparent Offerings

We help you make informed decisions for your needs and get a clear picture of cost components to understand what you are spending and where.

Technical Expertise

We help you address complexities of cloud deployment for better security, manageability, and high-availability by leveraging latest technologies.

Ideas that Matter

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photo blog Vineet Agrawal 26 March 2018

AI chatbot

I’m sure you must have heard about the buzzword these days – Chatbot. What’s the whole humdrum about? Let’s try to decode what it is and what the future

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photo blog Sujoy Mukherjee 18 January 2018

Serverless Framework 1.25 What’s new

Serverless framework 1.25 was released on 20/Dec/2017 and brought about some changes which we were looking forward to incorporating in our development workflow.

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photo blog Kuldeep Kamboj 01 November 2017

AWS Lambda functions subscription with AWS Kinesis streams

Kinesis is stream solution provided in AWS Infrastructure while Lambda is service allowed to serverless architecture to execute required functionality. Combina