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Steer Your Marketing towards the Future Customers

The market scales are shifting as more and more young customers enter the game every day. Today, digital technologies govern the buying behavior and preferences of more than half the customers. To attract, convert, and retain these young customers, brands must communicate with them through the medium they prefer the best – digital marketing is the way to the future.

Discover new channels for connecting and engaging with customers

Envision, implement, and manage integrated marketing campaigns

Leverage advanced analytics to optimize and maximize the effectiveness of marketing

Go beyond touchpoints to create inspired and personalized customer journeys

What We Offer

Digital Strategy

Redesign marketing strategies and tactics to stay a step ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Seamlessly integrate digital channels with your overall marketing strategy.

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Equip decision makers with the right insights to analyze, predict, and improve marketing effectiveness. Decipher patterns in data, better understand your customers, and discover hidden opportunities.


Boost your online presence, get discovered more easily, and increase traction. Go beyond building search engine friendly website – make your website people friendly as well.

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Social Media Strategy & Management

Meet your customers at the right moment of truths. Drive meaningful, valuable, and measurable interactions with your customers through Social Media channels.

Product/ Service Launch

Formulate, evaluate, and optimize go-to-market strategy to maximize business value creation. Give your products and services the right start.

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Extensive Experience

We’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes on multiple marketing projects to deliver long-term business results.

Creativity Meets Strategy

All our projects are a unique confluence of creativity and data driven decision making, ensuring the best ROI.

Unique Solutions

We start by getting to know your brand, your business objectives, and your vision inside out – to come up with unique solutions that resonate with your brand identity and goals.

Connected Customer Experiences

By seamlessly integrating online and offline marketing efforts, we enable you to deliver a connected customer experience across all touchpoints.

Ideas that Matter

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photo blog Sujoy Mukherjee 18 January 2018

Serverless Framework 1.25 What’s new

Serverless framework 1.25 was released on 20/Dec/2017 and brought about some changes which we were looking forward to incorporating in our development workflow.

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photo blog Kuldeep Kamboj 01 November 2017

AWS Lambda functions subscription with AWS Kinesis streams

Kinesis is stream solution provided in AWS Infrastructure while Lambda is service allowed to serverless architecture to execute required functionality. Combina

image blog
photo blog Sujoy Mukherjee 18 January 2018

Benefits of using AWS serverless platform

  Serverless Computing Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider dynamically manages the