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93% of consumers expect a choice of delivery method

Meet their expectations with a best in class ecommerce engine

Rising customer expectations are amplifying the complexity of digital selling - product recommendations, personalized offers, and post-sales support – that elude legacy systems. Retailers need lean and agile IT systems to deliver on customer expectations while managing complexities at the back end.

Tap new markets and boost sales by delivering exceptional shopping experiences consistently in a competitive market

Improve customer retention by increasing engagement and incentivizing loyalty with personalized rewards 

Handle large volumes of detailed products, facilitate complex check out processes, and manage highly sophisticated content strategies with ease

Introduce new products and scale faster with robust merchandizing and cross-sell and up-sell support 

What We Offer

E-commerce Application Architecture and Blueprinting

Create custom architecture and application flow, define interactions with other applications, design shopping carts, establish security measures, customize payment gateways, and implement PIM and other relevant solutions.

browser iphone
browser iphone

E-commerce Implementation and Integration

Implement single view of product information, digital assets, customer orders, analytics and real time information on all touch points. Reach new customers, expand your market share, and gain customer loyalty by improving their purchase experience.

Multichannel E-Commerce Platform

Integrate e-commerce and PIM resulting in a robust and flexible platform for managing structured and unstructured product information and digital assets. Get best-in-class configurable product search and navigation, shopping cart implementations, advanced personalization, and custom reports capability. 

browser iphone
browser iphone

Omnichannel Commerce

Integrate all B2B and B2C customer touch-points (online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media, print) onto a single platform, and tailor experiences across these channels. Ensure seamless experience across mobile interfaces with mobile-first approach. Leverage analytics to measure effectiveness and drive personalization through offers and recommendations.

Best in class team

One of the largest pools of certified professionals who deliver cost-effective and hyper flexible B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions.

Tailored solutions

High quality, flexible, integrated, fully supported e-commerce platforms need customization. Our tailored solutions are free from vendor lock-in, cost-effective, and help you directly improve performance with growing business needs.

End-to-end transformation

We help you transform your e-commerce platform by offering customization and development, integration, migration, performance optimization, and upgrades, support and maintenance.

Next gen systems

Our e-commerce development services are built around secure and robust open source and proprietary systems that deliver the industry’s most sought after functionalities to support superior product information cataloging, complex pricing structures, product search tools and tailored checkout processes.

Ideas that Matter

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AI chatbot

I’m sure you must have heard about the buzzword these days – Chatbot. What’s the whole humdrum about? Let’s try to decode what it is and what the future

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Serverless Framework 1.25 What’s new

Serverless framework 1.25 was released on 20/Dec/2017 and brought about some changes which we were looking forward to incorporating in our development workflow.

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AWS Lambda functions subscription with AWS Kinesis streams

Kinesis is stream solution provided in AWS Infrastructure while Lambda is service allowed to serverless architecture to execute required functionality. Combina